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Today: Wednesday February 20th


On Saturday January 12th I changed my phone plan from $35 to $50. I accidentally paid the bill twice.

Later that day I called to get a refund. A customer service agent told me it will take at most 10 days to get a refund.

Two weeks later after several calls with Boost, I still didn’t have my refund so I filed a dispute with my bank on Saturday January 26th.

Finally received my refund on Monday February 4th after 4 weeks of waiting.


I tried to pay phone bill which was due Tuesday February 12th. I couldn’t and found out that my account was suspended and that I had to pay $100 to turn it on.

On Wednesday February 13th I paid my phone bill over the phone. Customer service agent told me it will take 24 hours to get it turned on.

By Friday February 15th, my suspension was manually removed but Boost is demanding I pay a $50 chargeback fee. I asked about this fee but all the customer service agents I spoke to didn’t clarify it.

This is the best explanation on what a chargeback is in an email response from Boost to quote

“Your account is suspended due to a chargeback. Chargeback means that the cardholder disputed the payment with their bank. The bank then retrieved the payment from this account. To unsuspend your account, we need payment for the ‘bank chargeback’. To pay for future services, we will also need to add funds in addition to the outstanding chargeback amount. As we have checked, a full refund is already processed for the payment you made last 01/12/2019 for $50. A $50.00 Payment must be received for service to be restored.” End quote

My phone wasn’t turned on until Saturday February 16th and I don’t have the full service I paid for.

It’s been a week since I paid my phone bill and my phone has half service. I can’t use my WiFi, send texts or make calls. I can however receive calls and texts. Boost is still demanding I pay a $50 chargeback. I asked several customer service agents several times, in several ways (through calls, forums, and Boost’s online Contact Us page) what exactly this chargeback fee is and why exactly I got to pay it but their answers are extremely vague.

I most recently communicated with a Boost customer service agent on the Boost Community forum who claimed that I filed a dispute the same time that I got the refund (which is not true), and that is the reason why I am being charged a chargeback fee.

As of now I reached out to Boost via their Contact Us Page asking to speak to a manager or a department head so they can explain and walk me through this chargeback fee. I also want to submit documentation from my bank to show when exactly I filed the dispute and receive my refund.

I have no intention of paying the chargeback fee because I do not fully understand why I have to pay it. I also do not want to speak to Boost Customer Service agents because they do not know what they are talking about.

The outcome I want is to have my full services turned on and to not pay this chargeback fee.

I am seriously considering asking for a refund on the bill I just paid and taking my business to another phone company. Perhaps T Mobile or AT & T.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? (optional)
The outcome I want is to have my full services turned on and to not pay this chargeback fee.

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