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Tried to cancel membership in December 2018. Spoke to employee over the phone who told me my account was cancelled and I was “all set.” Come January, I received a notice from my bank stating my account had been overdrawn due to planet fitness. So i called them and spoke to a manager who informed me that I had actually needed to come in to the gym in order to cancel my membership. I told them that their employees needed to be better trained because there is no reason my account should have been overdrawn. I work several hours a week and am also in the army reserves so I have to attend drill once a month so I wasn’t able to make it in to the gym until about a week before they charged me a second time in February. Even though I had made it in to cancel my membership before the charge due day, they still overdrew from my account a second time! I have been trying for weeks now to receive contact from a manager and no luck. I believe it is their responsibility to correct this overdrawn issue and the fees that came along with it from my bank since it was the fault of their employee assuring me my account had been cancelled in December.

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