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I had a PayPal account it was being charged to Planet Fitness and I asked them to unlink my bank and they said they would and they didn’t. My phone got stolen got hacked into and purchases for me I caught them and cancel them before they went through but that’s not before we went to my bank and I’m incurred over $75 in charges. They saying because it was canceled the day don’t owe me my money back. And I told them you do cuz if you would unlink my account like I asked you to I wouldn’t got those charges. Now I didn’t say only customer service can do that went to customer service now they say I owe but we don’t know how we’ll have no way of giving you your money back or giving you no credit. So to get my money back I think I’m going to have to sue them to get my money back. I told them I can give them the bank statement which says that they tried to get the money and that’s why I got two $25 charges multiple times and I had to put a stop payment on it from my bank which is another $10. I just want them to pay my bank back for the money they came out because they did not link my account when I asked him to on multiple times.

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I want them to refund me that money so I can give it back to my bank cuz I didn’t purchase anything and if my bank account wasn’t linked to them I would incur no charges from my bank I want my money back on top of legal fees in pain and suffering if I have to deal with this it’s been two weeks and I’m still dealing with the same issue. I just talked to somebody today and they said oh okay will unlinking for you but they say the same thing yesterday

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