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Rented a 2019 ford 150 had it for less then 2 days engine car overheated and broke down had full coverage on vehicle ( this vehicle is also on recall for same issue learned that after it broke down) we were told to contact roadside. Because we broke down on turnpike we were told to call state police so vehicle could be towed because the turnpike is a private highway. Enterprise reps told us pay the tow company and they would refund the money $225 dollars. When we finally got back home after getting another vehicle from a different enterprise in New Jersey we were told the enterprise at the Richmond international airport they could not refund us the money but they would comp the days for the rental which was less then the value of the tow. He then said he didn’t know how to even start the process so while in enterprise myself and my fiancé were calling customer service on the phone to walk him thru some steps that led to no where. We have been calling for more then a week with no resolution no call back no nothing. During the phone call we even asked could we leave the truck on the side of the road because enterprise full coverage insurance says “ just bring us the keys” we were told no we had to get vehicle towed. What would have happened if we had no money to tow the vehicle we would like our money back for the tow and keep the days comp because it was very inconvenient and a 4 hour push back because the first 3 calls to enterprise no one knew the New Jersey turnpike laws

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Refund the 225 and comp the days for the rental we could barely use brand new vehicle clearly not inspected before you let people travel as well as not inspected for the recall

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