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I have an account that was opened in March of 2012 and 1st delinquency date is April of 2012. I Submitted a dispute based on statute of limitations being exceeded and they refuse to remove it from my report. Iwent through the same process with both Equifax and TransUnion and had no issues removing the account (Peak Acceptance) from my report. Not only has Experian refused to remove it from my report they now have the date to come off my bureau set at January of 2028. So 10 years on top of the statute of limitations…they are obviously on the side of the dispurser and have no regard for whom they are actually effecting.

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I want the account completely removed from my Experian credit report. If they refuse I want to sue for punitive damages. Its been a factor of recent denials of credit thats have adversely effected my family.

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