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I’ll give you the long story short because it’s a lot. Basically my internet hasn’t been working for over a week and I had called comcast asking if they would be able to lower my bill due to the fact it hasn’t been working. Fast forward they charged me twice in the amount of $62.36. Later i asked why they did so and they said they would immediately reimburse my bank account within 3 business days. its been over 2 weeks and still i have not yet received my money. I called back wanting to cancel and they said there would be a cancellation fee of $99 but they would waive it due to the inconvenience that they charged me twice and that it has taken them over 2 weeks to process my money. i called back and they said i had a charged left of $43.06 because of the cancellation which they told me not to worry about and i wouldnt get charged. after we hung up i look at my bank account and i got charged that $43.06. They wasted my time. Charged me more than what i owe and have been very unprofessional due to the fact that ive spoken to 3 employess which the lsat employee i spoked to told me that person i had spoken to before him had not even written any notes and they are always supposed to have notes written. So basically the conversation i had prior the the last one didnt mean anything.

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