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They over charged me several months on insurance and sold me a tablet for 99 cents said they would charge 20 dollars a month but ended up charging way more and then when I pointed out the insurance they only credited me for a few months and they ended up canceling it without my knowing or authorization in January and then when my phone got stolen at my place of employment on May 3,2019 I called them the next morning and kept me non the phone and on hold plus transferring me to several people and ended hanging up on me. I went into the store to turn my LG phone on with a SIM card the representative stated it was being taken care of and then when expecting my replacement phone to be here fedex today I called att and asked where it was and they said there was no claim filed and told me to call assurance insurance and when I did they said I did not have insurance and needed to go sign a form at the store before they could send it out I AM SO UPSET ONE FOR MY PHONE BEING STOLEN AND ANOTHER FOR THEM TO GIVE ME THE RUN AROUND AND FOR THEY CHARGED ME SO MUCH, JUST SO DISSATISEFIED!!! And angry. I put my trust in att for years now they have representatives working on the phone that you can not understand and who do not understand me. And RUDE!!!!!! I am 61 years old but I am not DUMB I am a professional nurse and need my phone for business and others uses. I can not put a price on the real damages this has caused me my family and my pocketbook!! But I will send you any of my past bills which you prove my truthfulness and how they got my money!@! They are so unprofessional!! I will surely estimate and come close to the amount.

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