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In 2018 I entered an agreement with AT&T to provide fast internet to my house they were unable to provide this. my phone service through Verizon was just as fast. Our agreement was 100% satisfaction guaranteed in which I was not satisfied and I was not willing to pay then they reduce the bill saying that I had to pay for the service guy to come out. I disagree they never provided what they said they were going to provide. And not only just that they also deemed two telephone poles on my property as burned out so therefore no other service could be attached PG&E has said that the polls were fine one was replaced in under 5 years the other one replaced in under 15 years and all are in good standings) I had to have two more telephone poles put in. so Comcast could run lines to my house. coincidence or not the very next day that the lines were ran. I was turned into collections and filed on my credit report.

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