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I had terrible service with DirecTV to the point that I was forced to cancel their services for making me pay for services that I was unable to reliably receive. I was billed online and don’t have a paper copy of the bill for early cancellation of their services. I paid the bill and asked for a printed copy of it and they kept sending me the final bill showing that my service was disconnected and I didn’t owe any money but they refused to send a bill showing that I paid $299.51 for cancelling their service before the end of the contract. All I need to be reimbursed by Spectrum for the early cancellation fee is a copy of that bill showing that I was billed that amount for cancelling the contract early. I have gone back and forth for a month now with AT&T and DirecTV and they all sympathize and apologize and send the same final statement showing that I am disconnected and paid in full but nowhere on that does it say that I paid the final amount because of an early termination. They will pull it up on their screen and look at it, but they refuse to email it to me or send me a paper copy saying “early termination” or “early cancellation” fee. They want me to reinstate service, and that is all they will do for me. Spectrum will not reimburse me with the final bill showing that I paid $299.51 unless they get documentation that it was because of an early cancellation of the contract with DirecTV. I think this is all a big scam and that Spectrum knows very well I’ll never be able to get that documentation and the will never have to pay that fee, so the two cable companies get to screw the customer over and DirecTV keeps the early termination fee I was forced to pay because of their nonexistent customer service and Spectrum gets a customer who never would have come to them if they been misled to believe they would be reimbursed for the early termination fee. HELP!!

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