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Firstly, I signed up for sprint to have a cheaper bill. The company gave me an estimated bill of $220 when the bill actually ended up costing me $340 a month which was more than I previously paid at Verizon wireless. Upon recieving my phone I could not get service for 4 days because of the lack of communication within sprint wireless. I have now switched back to verizon after two years of service and lease agreement with sprint. Now after mailing back all 4 of my phones in working condition ending my lease agreement. I am being charged $274 for remaining balances or “scratches” on my phones bringing down the value. When they sent me a flyer for $50 per a phone. I can no longer access this bill because I am not a sprint customer anymore. So I am being billed $274 but not being shown the bill. I called the number listed on the sprint email charge 1-877-888-1028. A woman answered and said she could not find my account. She asked for my first and last name, social security number, phone number and could still not find my account.I told her I had an email with charges sent to me. She said ” since I can not find your account, just ignore the message. I said, “no, I do not want this on my credit, is there a manager or someone I can speak to”, and she said “no”. I hung up and called back again hoping for a different representative.

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drop the charges. I did everything on my end.

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