Straight Talk Wireless Complaint

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Late last year in 2018, I had paid $55.00 mo. for unlimited services, ALL of them.
In the first part of 2019 I discovered a drop in price to $45.00 for the same services, same company, paid the amount and noticed several days later, my service which was 4LTE now was 3G. So I called Straight Talk services and they switched me over to another division, they call Executive. The Tech said he would fix it. He sounded very strange, but so is life. Well, when I got off the phone I checked and it was still the same, 3G, paid for 4 LTE. But this was just the high spot in a cascading descent into a hell experience
I called Straight Talk Help almost daily, talking to them never suspecting that their company was doing this to me. I called for months and months, HOPING it was my error and help was to be close by. I tried a hard, soft reset, thought about drowning it, giving it to charity or target practice.
Yes, I still am unable to make CALLS out.
Then one very dark night I heard strange sounds on the front deck, a thrashing on it and then as I was about to go out and look, the house was being struck the same way.
I couldn’t look out the windows as I was deeply afraid. The Police or Sheriff were 45 minutes away.
This strange behavior shock and scared me. I was a new Widow, had terror going throughout my head. I could not call a neighbor of which 2 were retired Police Officiers and one a retired Navy Seal, all the help in the world and no access.
Finally the noises on the deck and house stopped. I shook for an hour. Over night my hair turned gray. I had nightmares. I never thought I would be without the ability to communicate.

2 weeks later I had it happen again
This time I called 911. I was shaking. The nice lady held my hand over the phone until the Police arrived 45minutes later, but not before an attempt to break down the dining room door which sent off an alarm and then the noise stopped nd it left. The attack was so ferocious it broke off the alarm off the door. I installed 2 now so if one fails, there’s always hope.
This “off shore” company I am stuck with as it is called, behaves as bad as the country it is located in and yet would not dare to try this in their own local.
To this date I am on Straight Talk until or for a week or so. You see, I have a Straight Talk LOCKED phone and cannot use it at any other cell service. Yesterday, one of those retired pilicemen GAVE me another Android for my use.
I am furious that this is going on since 1913 when it was discovered until now.
My Senator is my next stop.
Thank you

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