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I got an android phone from verizon signed up for insurance and the phone never worked properly after over 20 visits to the corporate store they agreed to replace my phone, I had just changed to the new phone and both phones were on my desk and I got robbed in 2014 and both phones were stolen along with my wallet. I filed a claim but they required a credit card to pay the $99 fee to replace the phone only the active phone was covered I the found the phone without the sim card in my driveway. Verizon refused to give or sell me a new sim card so I had to use the old phone that I got from them that I replaced with the Android because it was defective, i could hear but not talk. It took about three months before I got a new card and had enough money to pay the fee. I still had to pay the monthly fees for service even though I did not have a phone. I finally got the new phone but it had a cracked screen when it arrived. I called and asked where to send the old phone and was told to send it to asurion the insurance company and explained that I had to return it to verizon since it was the phone that was defective and needed to be returned they told me to return it to asurion. I went into the corporate store and was told the same thing and was given a shipping label. I called again and was told the same thing. There was a box with the phone that had a shipping label addressed to asurion so I sent it back. about a week later my phone was disconnected for not returning the phone and when I told them what happened they told me I was never told to send it to asurion because their employees never make mistakes(they refused to review the tapes of my calls) and I had to pay $400 for the phone I returned as instructed. I filed an FCC complaint and called the corporate offices and Zavier Maples from the corporate offices of Asurion made a three way call to the corporate offices of Verizon and the secretary refused to transfer the call claiming no one was available, seconds later I got a call from Verizon demanding $800 the call saying that I had to pay $400 for the phone and $400 for breach of contract. I have been trying ever since them to get this straightened out I refuse to pay for a phone I returned as directed and refuse to pay for a breach of contract that they never honored. They are still trying to get me to pay and in order to get any records of the transactions I need to get a subpoena.

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