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Owner/Management of unit available cancelled on us 2 days prior to our departure for San Juan, Puerto Rico. We had to scramble and get a much lower level of a location because it was so last minute, nothing else was available. It was Memorial Day Weekend, of course everything was booked. For the original place we had reserved and fully paid for, and booked a week and a half prior, the owner/manager told us that the elevator was going to be shutdown and that renovations were occuring in the common area and that she couldn’t allow anyone to stay in apartment without a working elevator. Well, we went to the building while in San Juan. Someone let us in. There were no renovations taking place, and the elevator worked fine, matter of fact there were 2 elevators side-by-side! So the trip sucked, cause we stayed in a last minute dump.

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I feel that….if I would have cancelled on the owner 2 days in advance, due to her cancellation policy of “strict” as a guide, I would have lost every cent. So I feel by her canceling on me, she should lose the same, and have to pay me the same amount. $850. That’s not much to ask for considering we had 2 days of living hell trying to get another place to stay. And then had to stay in a dump. At a location, we didn’t want to be at.

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