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May 17, 2019 I order over the phone XR iPhone and for it to be expedited that same day. My order didn’t come in. So I spoke with several agents and a Supervisor (Joey #SJ1580) he had supposedly have had fixed the order and told me I should receive it on Wednesday May 22, 2019. My order was being tracked by me for the whole 3 days. My order was not delivered. I called and was told that it was returned to shipper for no apt# which I gave in Notes to AT&T as well as Fed-ex of my apt#. So I was told to go to an corporate office and I went to the one on

9100 North Central Expressway Dallas Texas 75231

May 23, 2019 I spoke with a young black girl with glasses and she was slim. She asked me for two forms of ID. I gave her three. She told me that my account was marked as fraud and that I would need to contact the fraud review on the following day because that day was Memorial day. So I contacted them in the morning I was being transferred through 5 different age take and departments some rerouting need back to the first dept. I felt like a rat in a maze. I was told to go to the store and repurchase and that my money would be refunded. I haven’t received my refund. May 24, 2019 So I went to an AT&T store near me and they told me that the person I talked to had cancelled my order and flagged it as fraud. And that all she had to do was ask me three simple questions which she didnt. I’m a professional hairstylist and I work off my phone and have missed three weeks of work because of this problem. AT&T has committed fraud and theft from me and refuse to refund me or give me my purchase. And I feel I was being discriminated by race. And I’m a new customer

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