American Family Mutual Insurance Company Complaint

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We operate a small retail store in the state of Washington. A few months ago, our store carpet flooring suffered water damage due to our adjacent store’s water heater rupture and leakage to our store. Their liability insurance company is American Family and after over one month of their “investigation” during which they sent no one to our store premise or their insured store’s premise to “investigate”, they simply denied our claim and denied liability and their reason is that while their insured store’s water heater leakage did occurred and caused damage to our flooring, they are not liable because it was not caused by their insured’s negligence even though the water heater is owned and operated by their insured on their insured’s site. This is absolutely ludicrous. Just because their insured’s water heater broke unexpectedly doesn’t mean they are not liable when it caused damage to us.

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compensate for our loss of business as we had to close for 5 and a half days in order to have a water damage restoration company restored our carpet flooring back to safe and proper condition as well as our pain and suffering having to deal with this entire ordeal.

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