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Hello my name is D**** C**** I have been using PayPal for the past two years and I’ve never had any issue the reason for my complaint is my account was permanently limited yesterday afternoon June 10th 2019


prior to my account being limited I did have a dispute that was active an open which is still open upon having the dispute opened I received the notification stating that my account was temporarily limited to upload a photo of an ID I had previously uploaded my ID before so I did not understand why they needed my ID twice but I uploaded my ID and my account was restored


the next day my account was permanently limited and the email from PayPal said that my account was limited because of a potential risk and my account history was inconsistent with the user agreement I have read over the user agreement twice I do not see whatsoever any type of discrepancy that could have limited my account permanently


I selected PayPal as my financial institution when I started selling on eBay 2 years ago and prior to using eBay I have never had any issues I embarked on a business journey with another company and I told PayPal Representatives that I was going to have more frequent transactions and more money than usual so I did give them a notice

however I do not think that it is fair that they can hold your money up to six months and you can’t touch it there is no issue with any of my buyer there has been no issue prior with any of my buyer

I have transactions and receipts for each and every transaction that has taken place on my PayPal account.

at the end of the day people have families people have bills people have problems people are living their own lives and to withhold money for 180 days is unacceptable all because a potential risk that you see and money that is rightfully mine that I earned from my business something has to be done about this.

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