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They promised me a monthly rate that was very low and that’s why I switched. My bill was twice that instead of what I was promised. When I called to havecsitusion fixed, no one could help. I asked them to be please go back and listen to the recording of my phone call with Sprint and what I was promised. They said it was a separate department. My phone service was terrible.i could not conduct my real agent business with my Sprint phone. I would get to Homes to show clients and could not open the Supra lock box on door because I wouldn’t have service on my phone. I would need to drive to next house but my gps would never load. It was destroying my business. I called numerous times for technical support and they could not help me. Finally I decided to switch back to Verizon because it was so bad. Two different Sprint representatives told me all I needed to do was bring my phones back. I did and then was charged for the remainder of the contracts for all the phones on my plan. And they’ve turned me into a collection agency.

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Pay me for lost business and honor their word to me and not charge me $2500 for getting out of contracts.

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