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We had South Asian Mega Pack subscription with Dish Network for more than a decade now. Suddenly, the network we used to watch on Dish was discontinued on 5th January’19. Since the service that we signed up for was no longer available, I asked Dish to cancel my subscription.

When I first called 9th Jan’19, I was told there is a $110 cancellation fee but Dish has added many more channels in lieu of the network that was discontinued and I should take a look before cancellation.

So, I looked at the new channels and they were useless. So, I called again on 23rd Feb and was told that the termination fee is $400+. I was shocked and tried to explain to the rep on the phone that this is not what was told to me earlier. However, she did not listen. After a long call, she said I can pause the account for a while and think. So, I paused the account just to end that call and moved on with life. 3 months later, I receive boxes from DISH asking to return the equipment. When I called them, they said I have $106.29 balance on the account and if I still need to cancel, I will have to pay additional $360. Again, after a long call, I decided to cancel the subscription once and for all. The rep, named Yvette, told me I would be finally be charged somewhere close to $400.

My reason for filing this dispute:

We subscribed for a service and when that service is no longer provided by DISH, we have asked for the cancellation. But I don’t think it’s fair to charge a customer of over a decade an amount of $400 as a fee for something the provider has changed on their end.

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