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A person stole my home equity statement out of my mail box and made a check against it for $9,000.00. Smart thief, $1,000.00 under the Federal Limit for grand larceny! The theft of property valued at more than $500 and not more than $10,000 is a Class 3 felony under Illinois law. (720 Ill.)Although the check was not cashed and caught before they gave her the money, I simply asked them to send me a legible photo of the “Maria Del Carmen Sordo” so that I can see who she is. This is the second time this person tried in 15 years to cash a check,etc. against our accounts. I did everything they said to do: file a police report on 5/17/2019, after exhausted bs from the company since 3/19/2019. They have failed on fiduciary responsibilities protecting my identity by putting whole account numbers on statements (who does that? do they know about the simple “X” ‘s to protect accounts?) NO, they do not care after months of endless phone calls! The thief has more rights right now than I do as a customer and account(s) holder! I get endless phoney phone calls everyday because of this issue! This is the ultimate lack there of fiduciary responsibilities. Now they want me to file a subpoena to get the photos. I remind you, whose identity was breached? Who had to have their credit reports frozen? Who has had to spend endless time on the phone being bounced around like a kick ball. Disgusting customer service! -A rating.

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I want the legible photos at this point and time and I want them to STOP putting full account numbers on ALL statements sent out from Bank of America for ALL account holders and/or send out a letter letting people know that their accounts are compromised all the time.

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