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I tried to send money to my friend on Paypal in the amount on $400. She never received the funds. When i checked my transactions it showed my money went to someone name Wilford. I called paypal and they told me there is nothing i can do because there was no fraud. I explained to them that i sent money from my contacts list to A**** B****. They told me that the transaction was completed and there is nothing i can do. I requested to speak to a supervisor and the fraud department and no one was willing to reverse the transaction or refund my money. This is my rent money for a deposit on my new residence. If i do not have this money by Monday i will lose the rental and forfeit all funds paid. I would like my full refund of $400.00 plus my $500 deposit that i am losing on my rental. And I would also like a reasonable compensation amount for me having to live in my current home on a month to month basis plus the trouble have having to look for somewhere else to live. Estimated amount on my current rental is $850.00 plus a 20% increase for being on a month to month. I will probably have to stay there for 3 more months. I will also have to pay for applications fees to do my screenings for a new home.

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I would like a full refund and i would like them to put something in there policy to prevent this from happening to some one else.

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