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I disconnected my service via a phone call to customer service last summer. The equipment, a home mifi with home phone service, was installed in my cabin in Oregon. Nobody lives there and I never used the phone service, only internet access.

Verizon failed to complete the discontinue of service request, and I had removed the equipment from service, yet they kept charging me. As the account was linked to disconnected equipment, and none of the equipment is capable of texts, I was unaware that the service was continuing to be charged. It wasn’t until a credit collection agency sent me a collection notice that I realized what had happened.

I subsequently called Verizon to find out what is going on and they credited my account by half of the past due amount, yet I paid the collection agency the full amount and Verizon credited my account.

I requested that Verizon remove this ding from my credit record as it is a damaging derogatory on my credit history. They refused to do anything about their mistake other than give me half credit. They claim the report to the credit agencies was valid (not taking any responsibility for their mistake) leaving me with a derogatory credit entry for 7 years.

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