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I teach classes in an online classroom. I have done this for over a year using AT&T internet. I was upgraded to 6mbps internet speed and my speed worked for many months. On 6/28/2019, my internet ceased to function. I contacted techincal support and they did a diagnostic. They determined that the problem was with the outside line. They scheduled an appointment for a technician to come out on 7/5/2019. I was informed that this was the earliest appointment I could get. The technician came out on 7/5 and said that there was a problem with the outside line. He also said that I was oversold with my internet speed and that I could not get 6mbps internet speed at my address. This does not make sense. I have had this speed since 2018 and it has worked just fine. He put in an order for an “bucket-truck” technician to work on the line. The second technician came and said that the line at the bottom of our hill was damaged and he would fix it. He came back and said he got speeds up to 8mbps when he tested it. He told me to call sales and upgrade my service. He also said that there are trees back in there tangling the line and they would have to be cut back. I tried to use my internet this morning and it would not work properly. I called back to speed it up and now I am told that my whole area has been slowed down because of line trouble, but it was my responsibility to schedule them again and come back to start this whole process over again. I am not getting the internet I was promised in my contract. I make 12,000 per year at this job and I am close to losing it. If I lose it, I am going to sue you in small claims court for lost wages.

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