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I purchased a mobile device Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ in full from a T-Mobile store in Massachusetts in the year 2015. My number was then ***********.

I demanded it to be unlocked permanently in March 2016 and it was unlocked.

In June 2016, I demanded that T-Mobile should close my account because I was traveling out of the US and was not going to come back anytime soon.

After traveling out on July 2, 2016, I successfully used the device with other networks outside the country until 2017 when the phone got locked again.

From Nigeria, I contacted T-Mobile and I was told that I may be owing the company but that my closed account was under the care of a company. I was given the number of the company to call and settle any outstanding payment.

I called the company and I was told that I had an outstanding bill of a little more than $200. Despite not being convinced of such, I paid with my MasterCard to offset the bill.

I then called T-Mobile to confirm the payment and I was told that I needed to bring the device to a store or to get a friend to go to court and have a judge sign that I am not in the USA.

I patiently waited till to return to the US with the device im 2019 and when I got to a T-Mobile store in Michigan, I was told that phone unlocks can only be done by calling T-Mobile customer care.

I have called T-Mobile customer care more than five times and on about three occasions i was sent an email with a procedure to follow to unlock my device. The instruction was to use the Device Unlock on my phone to request for a Permanent Unlock. I tried it many times and the app showed that my device had been unlocked since 2016. Meanwhile, the phone was still not working with other networks and kept showing the following message anytime I turned it on “Network lock:…”

I went online and I was advised to clear the cache of the app and try again. I did that and nothing changed after requesting for permanent unlock through the app. The app keeps posting “Unlock Failed”.

I have am a current T-Mobile subscriber and my new number is **********. I also purchased a Samsung Galaxy S9+ in 2019. I have called T-Mobile severally and I am being told that my case is impossible to be attended to.

Please, I am asking that my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ be unlocked by whatever means necessary or that T-Mobile compensate me with a new device. The IMEI of the network locked device is *************.

Thank you.

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