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When I opened up the new business account, the branch manager lead me to have 2 checking accounts because there is not going to be monthly service charge if I enroll their (PNC) merchant service. And told me PNC bank merchant department will contact me but they did not.

It was my first year to operate to new business and didn’t have time to review all account every month. And I found PNC bank took $60 from each account (total $120 for 2 checking accounts) for 1 year. When I opened up the 2 checking account as branch manager recomend he didn’t told me about monthly service charge would be $60 per account if I don’t enrolled their merchant service. Even worse PNC merchant service didn’t contact me at all. When I opened up the 2 business checking accounts the branch manager strongly told me that PNC bank Merchant service dept will contact me. I contacted and met in person with PNC bank branch manager and she told me it was my fault not contacting PNC bank merchant service. Yes. I didn’t refund and changed promise when I opened up 2business account. why would I opened 2 business checking account with paying $120 per month for nothing..

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I want $1500 from PNC Bank.

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