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Xfinity automatically increased my bill from $93.9 to $129.05. I called them to ask why. They said the reason is because my old contract was expired. I never get any notification for confirmation to sign a new contract or accept a new higher rate. Moreover, I paid for internet speed 150 mbps download, but I never get higher than 70 mbps once testing. After 1hr talking on phone with couples agents, we couldn’t make a deal and I ended up to cancel my service with them. Moreover, last year when I 1st signed the contract with them, it was included NFL channel. However, I got the bill for 2nd month of service with higher price, I called them to asked why. They said that the package could be changed anytime without informing customers. After 2 hrs talking on phone on Jul 4, they charged me extra half price for the NFL channel. I think it’s not right to automatically increase the price without informing customer

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