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I have been a loyal customer of Xfinity/Comcast since 2004 and have renewed each time based upon that loyalty despite there being better offers for me in the competitive market.

When my contract ended in December 2018, I was promised an extension by Comcast’s Loyalty Program of receiving three complementary premium channels: Starz, HBO and Showtime should I continue my service which constantly been provided and promised as long as I “stay a customer.” So I renewed once more based on that agreement.

Regrettably, not even a third of the way through my contract each channel was switched off. When I called Customer Service to make a complaint, the agent did recognize in the notes of my consumer file that I was to continue receiving those premium channels at no charge.

I was advised that they were going to create a ticket, escalate the situation and would notified within 10 days. It has now been over a month and I have called multiple times with no resolution other than up-selling to higher priced package. Even my bill is convoluted because it is in Spanish, which I do not speak.

Comcast has breached their contract with a non-competitive package and have reneged on their guarantee which I find to be a complete lack of legal integrity and severely poor customer service.

I was advised to go into a physical store for assistance and was completely disrespected by Comcast representative Theo B***** after I had asked if he was essentially refusing to help – his response was a resounding YES. Unacceptable.

As a loyal timely paying customer, I deserve to be treated better than this. I did not get the service that I am paying for and feel like I am being ripped. I am only asking for what I was promised by Comcast which is a reinstatement of the 3 premium channels and a refund on the months that they are not providing. Had I know this to be the case from the get-go, I would not have continued…this is a bait and switch. Even trying to cancel my contract, I would end up paying a higher amount in penalties.

As a consumer I am protected by the Consumer Protection Act and Xfinity surely has violated that clause.

Since customer service has failed, I am filing on multiple government sites and posting on social media hoping that Xfinity/Comcast still has some professional integrity and will make this right!

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