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over charged for cellphone. on the 1st of july went to diamond wireless and ask if they could use my old Verizon and keep the same number.he told me had to leave it there activation on the computer was down, pick it up on the 2nd of July, and it would cost me 107.00 and I paid him in cash on the 1st. I went back on the 2nd end,ed up buying a phone. I paid them 233.97 in cash, and another 219.00 with my debit card. it cost me a total 560.29 corporate told me when I call not worry they would send me a check and I did not have to pay for the month of august. call yesterday,they told me get the money from the store where I got my new phone

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  1. Metro by TMobile is absolute garbage! They lie about what they can and can’t do they lie about the service quality and they straight up rip people off. I am so upset with that p.o.s company that I can not even see straight! I got ripped off for almost $200 and am stuck with some BS phones and on top of all that lost out on over $1000 due to no service at my house. I wish I could get my money back!

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