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My HOA entered into a Bulk Billing agreement with Spectrum. I am req’d to pay a $61 per month cable charge for tv and dsl services. Payment is made monthly directly to my HOA who then pay Spectrum. As a part of the agreement, Spectrum was to reimburse residents who were req’d to pay an Early Termination Fee (ETF) to another provider to exit their contract . I had to pay DISH $360 ETF plus $25 sales tax on the ETF. I submitted the Spectrum Contract Buyout Form and a copy of the DISH bill to prove the ETF and sales tax paid. Spectrum denied my claim verbally in a phone call but refused to put into writing either (a) the fact they were denying the claim and (b) the reason they were denying it.

When I asked them why my reimbursement for the DISH ETF was denied I was told because I already had an account with Spectrum. Spectrum was providing my land line phone and DSL but NOT the TV.

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