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Hi I’m 23 I never have bill before until May 2019 . I’m a case worker so I hear all the time that people Comcast bills are outrageous. So when I went to Comcast I specifically asked for a package that wouldn’t go up or down just stay the same all year around. It cost 120$ they said to me on the phone and that it comes with a phone internet and cable. First off they didn’t explain to me that I only get basic cable here iam thinking I have stars and hbo and I only had basic cable, but it was fine because I had internet so I settled in that note. Then my boyfriend called about security and they told him that it would be 40$ extra added to the bill that was already 120 to in total 160. When we came home that evening we have two light things that make your light come on by your phone and we just was like wow they came with the security too cool! So one day I’m about to play candy crush and accidentally clicked on my Xfinity mobile account and see my bill is 300!!!!! I went completely off and called Comcast . They charged for for a COUPLE hidden fees installment fee and charged me for the two light things that they NEVER even mentioned and we just thought they we included because we didn’t even ask to get them . I call XFINITY and I speak to a woman who stated that she would take off everything that was not mentioned to me and sent me a contract clarifying that the bill was changed and deducted. She told me to take the light sensors back. I then go to the XFINITY store on city line avenue to pay the bill the woman had just fixed and when I arrived the bill was still the same 300$ .a XFINITY worker tells me who ever I talked to was between me and the XFINITY lady I just got off the phone with. Now I’m so frustrated at this point I get back in my car and call Corporate and they fixed it and the next day I paid the bill. It was 160 like it should have been. Now I’m june I get a bill that’s like 400$ now ! So again I call corporate and they credited my account 300$ and my bill was 0.00 dollars that month. Now here we are in July and it says that on July 17 pay 17.00 so I did . The next day I see on my bill from my tv and it said past due balance of 160 and I call XFINITY againnn and told them what the bill said the day before 17$ . They put my bill up for dispute and told me corporate will give me a call back . Today is 8/4/19 I got a email from corporate and they just stated that I signed a contract stating that I would pay 600$ for security in 25$ payment !!!!! I’m mind blown that they would even attempt to lie like that. They only thing I signed was in May when they woman on the phone send me a mobile contract stating my bill was deducted other then that I didn’t sign anything and I know I didn’t because I wasn’t home for neither occicasions they came and set up when I was not present so I didn’t sign anything . Idk what to do I have a good line of credit and very worried I don’t want to pay for something I did not ask for. Please assist and support me .

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