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ON 7/29/2019 while at work i noticed my phones network suddenly stated “sim not supported” i left work and went to a Metro Store on Aramingo Ave. There they discovered that at 9:09am someone pretended to be me and canceled my account and switched my account to Tmobile. I was told that an investigation was being done and I would be notified. I was given a temporary number until the matter was resolved. Today on 8/8/2019 at 130pm i received the same error “sim not supported” i went into a store on Grant Ave in Philadelphia where i was then told to go into a corporate store because they couldnt help me. I went to a corporate store on Cottman and Bustleton where the rep told me that my inital number had been reinstated to my account and therefore she would restore my line. She tried several times and still nothing. She closed my account 7 times and still my old number would not work. She then spoke to her managers and they repeatedly told her that they really couldnt help me because i had a slight crack on my phone. I told them my phone had been working fine and i shouldnt have to buy a new phone. I bought the new phone anyway in hopes to fix the issue and STILL my phone can not make any phone calls. THe rep called the corporate line while i was there and he tried to trouble shoot from his end after numerous attempts. He got it to work and i left. As soon as i parked in front of my house ” sim not supported” i had to return to the same store where she tried to help me again. She tried changing my number and still the problem is not resolved. When i asked could i return the phone since the phone was not the issue nor was the sim card after they replaced it 4 times ! I was told I could not return the phone because it was not a new line!!!!! THey made me purchase a phone that i didnt need! and now i cant return this piece of crap thats crappier than my phone. I then had to sit and wait for the manager Ruby who tries to trouble shoot over the phone again and tells me they did a “different” reset that would take 2 hours and i have to come back into the store AGAIN if this doesnt work. ANd then they have to create a ticket and i wouldnt have a phone for 3 days.!!!! I cannot return to the store as i have young children that I cant leave at home. THis is unbelieveble and i cant imagine that they are okay with letting a longterm paying customer leave empty handed.

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