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Comcast has put a cap on my service and is claiming I am using over a terra byte of data a month. I see the charts and it’s a steady increase every month that they are claiming. I’m a software engineer and know my internet usage and have access locked down. I know how much I use and how frequent. My habits haven’t changed yet they claim my increase month over month is an increase of 100+ gigs each month, this is no where near a normal increase or change when no activity of usage patterns have changed and to see it consistently month over month. They can’t show me any proof that I am using this, they just slap a $50 charge every time this happens. There is nothing I can do, I got a warning I was at 90% useage, less than two days later they claim I was at 100% which is me using over 100 gigs of data in less than 24 hours. The largest thing I downloaded in that time was a 2 gig OS update, nothing else is even measurable yet they claim in less than 48 hours I used 50 times that amount. Also that download took over an hour so even if I downloaded that OS continuously I wouldn’t hit the 100 gigs they claim. There are no other providers in my area and I need internet for work, yet I’m being extorted out of $50 extra every month on data they can’t show me I’m using.

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