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Second Dispute for Equifax and Trans Union for Frontier Entry

Request: Completely delete this entry from my file. Frontier reported this in erroneously based upon acts or omissions on their part with legal implications. If you have doubts – you need to fully investigate it yourselves, as I am part of a pandemic occurring at Frontier regarding error and improprieties that are reporting to the “Office of the President.”

Bottom Line up-front

Closed account due to a move in early August 2018 and left forwarding address

Paid Bill of $260.70 they received Aug 21, 2018

Final charges of $124.93 in dispute.

I have no record of seeing this final bill – later discover mailing address was in error


June 2019

– Learned that I had a delinquent unpaid entry in Equfax and Trans Union Credit reports from Frontier Communications when my mortgage broker pulled credit for a refinance

– I monitor Experian and never saw this

– Closed account due to a move in August 2018

– Paid Bill of $260.70 they received Aug 21, 2018.

Day in June @ 1553: chat exchanged with Frontier, they provided 800 number.

Called: 800-374-9669 @1620 got an irrelevant connection

– Speaking to Dia – she has issues with the English language

– 25 Sept to 19 Oct bill

– $124.93 – Nov 19 – billing date – previous billing cycle: Sept-October of 2018??

– 25-Aug – Sept 18 bill : final bill and details of final charges

o 1 Aug 13 August..

o Partial month $46.53 + Admin (55.89)

o 3 Movie rentals: 22.41

o Taxes

o Total

– Last payment received on Aug 21, 2018 $260.70

– Conflicting data above due to unclear conversation and language barriers


– Dia says

o 1 to two billing cycles to close out account.

o Final charges of $124.93 in dispute.

o I have no record of seeing this final bill.FRONTIER

o They are sending a copy of duplicate statement via email

My Bottom line:

Closed account due to a move in August 2018.

Paid Bill of $260.70 they received Aug 21, 2018.

Final charges of $124.93 in dispute.

I have no record of seeing this final bill.


7/22/19 Sent memo on file – apparently this is the memo that turned into an email from Dawn and for me to call her (received right before vacation). I also paid the bill in protest

7/31 – 8/14 Family vacation

8/19/2019 Called Dawn @ 844-320-4445 x***-**** and left message in the morning

1330 PDT called 866-511-1523 and Spoke with Phillip – Referring situation to the credit Department and expects resolution in 24 hours

8/23/19 Phillip unavailable, spoke with another gentleman with the following email address; and learned that my Ticket# is U********

I asked that this entry be deleted from my two cred it reports

Here is what he told me:

– Their Credit department only requests deletion of an entry from Credit Bureaus if there is fraud involved

– I explained that according to my Mortgage Broker, who is familiar with multiple instances if this issue with Frontier in the South Bay, that it can be removed for errors

– I explained that there was an address error on the statement mailed, and that I never received the final bill

– I was told that the Frontier position is that the charges are valid, and that the mailing of a bill is a courtesy that isn’t required. I should have taken the responsibility to have paid the bill absent receipt of one

o I am beyond words – clearly this is a legal defense for many legal fights and a likely class action lawsuit in Frontier’s future

o Why is all of this getting referred to the Office of the President anyway – and why are they swamped with calls?

– I asked to receive written correspondence of what I was told, they refused to provide it

– Sending email memo to Frontier on 8/26/19 – likely legal action is the only recourse

– I will insert another dispute on this with Trans union and Experian


– Email sent to Frontier

– Second Disputes with Equifax and Trans Union filed

8/27/19 Plan to talk to mortgage broker for options and start legal action to protect my credit

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