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Aug 13th, 2019

I went to an AT&T store and purchased a 64g iPhone XS. I put a $500 dollar deposit down and left with the phone. I provided that deposit so that my monthly amount would be under $100.

Aug 14th, 2019

I returned to the same store to switch my 64g iPhone XS for the 256g iPhone XS. I was informed that there was a $45.00 restocking charge which I paid in order to get the larger memory phone. The AT&T salesman wasn’t sure how to do the exchange so he spoke with his manager who informed him of the “correct way.”

During the transaction he informed me it would be easier if I put down another deposit then he would return the first deposit at the end. I wasn’t sure why this made sense, but I paid the $545.00 for the larger memory phone and thought the transaction was complete. I asked for a confirmation of the refund and he informed me that the system wouldn’t let him refund me the amount. He asked that I return later when his manager was available.

3 hours later I returned because the manager had called me and said to come back so she could fix it. I returned at 5:45pm and she informed me that I only had two options to accept a $500 credit towards my account or leave the phone for them to fix. Being a disabled veteran, a father, and a business owner along with all my personal Information to include my bank cards, leaving the phone was not an option. I told her I did not want the credit towards my account and needed them to refund my initial deposit as promised, she then returned the second phone and refunded the second transaction. After the refund they were unable to set up an installment plan because the item had been returned and they were still unable to return the first $500.00 deposit.

The manager started to become angry because I wouldn’t let them just credit the account. She then told me I had two options to leave the phone or sign a new contract. The new contract did not reflect a $500 deposit but she “promised to add it on the back end.” I refused to sign a false contract as it was becoming obvious that there word was not trustworthy enough. She then told me she would not let me leave the store and brought her other sales associate over to ensure that I would not leave the store even though I had legally purchased the phone and they were refusing/unable to return my $500.000. I then assured them that I would get my attorney involved if they falsely detained me. At 8:45pm I demanded to leave when I had learned that they locked the front door on me. This made me feel imprisoned and bullied for just wanting my money back. During this encounter I made it very clear that I was not signing or agreeing to any contract until the situation with my pending refund was solved.

Aug 15th, 2019

The manger called me and informed me that she had created an incident report and AT&T would contact me to resolve the situation.

Aug 17th, 2019

I received a text message with my incident number – ********. I then called and informed the AT&T representative of the situation. The representative said on their end it looked like both devices had been returned and was shocked when I informed him that I had the device. I then informed him I wanted the $500 refund so I could apply it to a new installment plan. I refused for the credit to be placed on my account, as I have a budget and can not have monthly payments that large. He said he would create a case.

I sent in the 3 receipts – 2 receipts of a purchase with 1 receipt of a refund plus a picture of my bank account to prove I had not received the refund promised to me.

Aug 23rd, 2019

I followed up with the incident line in order to make sure the case was passed on. I spoke with Heather who told me it was not passed on. I then provided her with the same receipts along with a picture of my account to show I never received the second refund. She then took my bank card information and assured me that I would receive the refund in 3 to 7 business days.

Aug 27th, 2019

I received an email stating that a new installment plan was filed on my behalf which I DID NOT AUTHORIZE OR APPROVE. The new plan increased my bill by $70.00 and they credited the $500 to my account after I had explicitly refused this idea 3 separate times.

I called the incident line again where the representative informed me that they don’t do refunds back to credit cards and that it would take 30 days to receive a Visa card with my money. He then went on to say that they can In fact create an installment plan without my approval or signature. I feel completely abused and bullied by the company and they are still unable to provide me with the refund. Each time I call, a different employee is stating there is “nothing” they can do. I’ve spent so much time and energy on this matter and am still at a loss of how to move forward without losing money.

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