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I had a 2 gig data plan on my phone. In June, T-Mobile throttles my data to zero at the 1 gig mark. In July, when my data was to reset, I was still throttled. Tech support decided the problem was my phone and that the timing with being throttled was coincidence. I took my phone to a local T-Mobile store where the manager put his own SIM card in my phone, and it worked perfectly. He then gave me a new SIM card, and I was back to zero data. That proved it was not my phone, but T-Mobile’s system would not release the throttle on my account. I then took my business to AT&T, and now have $197 bill from T-Mobile for leaving in “mid billing cycle” (an $80 charge) with some other charges that I cannot fathom (like a $20 international call to Toronto to get my PIN before transferring service).

As I tried to explain to the billing department, I spent two months of paying for a plan that included data when I received none, and I suggested they credit my account and we call it even. They said “no” and reminded me if this account was sent to collections, it could negatively impact my credit rating.

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