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At the end of August 2017, I wanted to move a phone line to my existing family AT&T wireless account. An AT&T rep insisted on creating a new account for 3 wireless numbers. I was told I would pay less and have a better service. My bill supposed to be under $160 a month. A couple of weeks later, AT&T withdraw from my bank account about 400 dollars twice. One for the old account and an equal amount for the new account. I called AT&T and they refused to send me the detailed bill and refused to refund the money. Since I did not have a contract and all my phones were already paid, I moved my service to a different provider. AT&T never returned the money overcharged and instead send me a bill for 385 dollars. Since then several collection companies have harassed my children repeatedly and affecter my credit score negatively. They refused to review the charges and want me to pay them more money. I refuse to pay over one thousand dollars for three weeks of service. I want them to clear my account, free 4 iPhones, pay damages and the amounts overpaid.

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