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My account was closed in good standing back in 2016. I have not had cable TV since then.

Cable box was returned to a local time warner store (as they were called at the time). Somehow kept receiving bills via email. Called to question why, everything appeared to be fine on their end and was assured I owed nothing and was actually owed money by the company that I would receive in the mail soon (never received).

Months go by, spectrum bill continues appearing monthly in my email. Already assured my account was in good standing, I ignore them. Then I receive a credit alert stating I have an account in collections.

I’m told it was for non-payment to time warner/spectrum.

I successfully dispute the derogatory mark and in no time, my credit is spotless again.

Several months later, it happens again. Another derogatory mark due to collections claim by Time Warner/Spectrum. I dispute again, this time also calling TW/Spectrum to TRIPLE CHECK my account is closed and in good standing. And again, my dispute is successful and the TW/Spectrum representative assures me that my account is indeed still closed and I owe nothing.

Several months later, it happened again. This time I speak directly to the collection agency (a different one each time I believe) and explain the whole thing to them. I assume they inquired with their client (TW/Spectrum) and realized it was a mistake and withdrew the collections claim.

Now it’s maybe been a year give or take a few months and I receive, not only another spectrum bill, but I see a new collections claim to dispute on my credit report.

It’s become extremely aggravating to have to frequently deal with what feels like either inept management at spectrum or some kind of shady corporate racket (or both?).

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