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Within 3 moves, I have attempted to return the equipment, the installers would not take them, i was told that i would be sent a return label and box, never received tried to give to the last installer and was told the equipment was obsolete and they do not take those.Our service was later turned off, I immediately paid the $894.77 to restore it, as my husband works from home.When I went online to find out what happened, i saw that i was charged for 3 of the receivers.I called to complain and explain to at a minimum 3 people that I have made every attempt to return the equipment and now i feel as though i am being held hostage with either pay up or return the equipment.At that time i was informed that all i needed to do was go to the UPS/Fedex store, call them back with the reference numbers and my funds would be returned to me.I returned the equipment, called with the reference number and was told that i had to wait until they received the equipment (from a vendor they use, who scanned the equipment and verified that it was theirs) to receive my funds.I asked if they do not receive the equipment what are my options, as i did not choose them, they reiterated their position.I needed to wait.I conceded to that but decided then that i wanted to cancel my service, as i have NO confidence in AT&T at this point.I was told that i would be charged an early termination fee.I inquired why should I be charged a fee for horrible service.I explained that when i bill i bill at a rate of $120 per hour and i have spent at a minimum 4 hours trying to get this issue rectified and have been met with a wall.I understand (may not agree) that it may take time to get my money back once they receive their equipment from a vendor they selected, who scanned in the equipment.What i am not willing to do is remain in a relationship that is irreconcilable.I do not think i should have to remain with AT&T, given their poor customer service.I was asked whether my services were acceptable and i explained that my tv freezes ALL the time.I explained that when i moved, i was assured that i would receive a gift card for remaining with them, i did not receive it.when explaining this situation to the representative, she said why are we talking about a gift card when we are dealing with the refund.

I explained that I started that conversation with my lack of confidence and was attempting to provide an example why.I was told “I am not arguing with you” of which i was not, just being very clear and

concise.When i called to inquire, after a representative visited the community and asked whether i received it, I was told they did not have a special running for that.I let that go, as i did not want to invest any more negative emotional energy.After this incident, i decided that i could not trust AT&T and wanted out.Let me be clear, the only reason i chose them at the time was because they were the only option for my building.I remained under false pretenses.When i signed the new contract it was under the assumption that i would receive a $400 gift card that i have never seen.Now this.I honestly do not trust that they will do what they say they will do and feel like i am in a hostage situation with both my time and money.I am going to cancel my service, as i do not wish to give them another dime.I want my money back and for the fees to be be released.

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