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Since I’ve had service with T Mobile they have exhibited dishonest behavior, from not removing services that I was never supposed to have and making me pay for them to making changes to my service with neither my knowledge or permission. The latest thing has been that since I moved to Houston on February 5, 2019 I live in an absolute dead zone. Like it doesn’t work here in my home at all. I have a business account with an at home business so that is an issue. I have Xfinity as well and if my phones aren’t on wifi they don’t work at all. I started calling in February or March because of this and the fact that one of my phones wasn’t getting any service at all no matter if it was on wifi or not. Not even when I left the house. Starting on March 15th started calling in earnest. On that night I spoke to about 6 people. I was told that there was an outage. When I asked about my phone that had no service at all I was told that it needed to be charged. This started a pattern. I’d call T Mobile about the phone without service and always be told something different. I called about my services and for about a week was told that there were outages in my area. After the outages were over I was told that they were working on the towers closest to me and given a different date every time that I called that the towers were supposed to be fixed. Finally in like June, I think I spoke to someone about the phone without any service and was told that I may need a new SIM card. They sent me one and it worked. Then, in July I called about the tower issue. I spoke to a Supervisor in Dallas, TX. He told me that my service here wasn’t any good and that it’d be in my best interest to switch mobile carriers. At this point my bill was very high and that wasn’t an option. I’d owe T Mobile for my last bill and my phones. I’d also have to pay a deposit and for phones at another company. I was told that they would try to work out a solution for me and call me back. A collections hold was put on my account and that was that. Except no one ever called. I called them back. Another hold was placed. Another promise to call back was made. Same thing happened. In the past I’ve had issues with this company back when I had a regular account. I found an email address online and was able to get help that way. You could also get help on Twitter so I decided to try that. This ended up being the worst mistake that I’ve ever made. I talked to several people, but eventually spoke with someone named Devyn Galligher. He told me a lot of lies, and at first refused to acknowledge that there was an issue with my service. Finally he did but stated that T Mobile was a business. He said that he’d work on my account and once he was done he’d credit my account. He stated that he couldn’t just go to his bosses and tell them that he was crediting my account $1,000 or more without showing that he’d worked on my account first. He then put another hold on the account. He told me that he’d work on it in the meantime but for me to try to make small payments here and there. Since he put the hold on for an extended time period I decided to just wait to see what he did, how much of a credit was given, and then pay. He did nothing. He kept saying that his engineers said the service worked in my area. He then told me that Comcast was blocking T Mobile’s signal and I needed to call them and ask them to unblock it. They didn’t know what I was talking about because that isn’t possible. Also, I have a signal booster that he was “working” on. When I told him that I’d already been told that the signal booster would not work because you can’t get a signal in my home so there is no signal to boost he told me that that wasn’t true. Basically his whole thing as far as everything that T Mobile was doing wrong was deny, deny, deny. He wouldn’t acknowledge ANYTHING. I have 10 lines on my account. 8 if those 10 phones are in my home about 99% of the time. Those are always on wifi. There are 2 more that have usage on T Mobile’s network more. One of those phones is in Atlanta, GA. The other one is here but away from the house more. He tried to use this to say that we were able to use the phones. Then he said that T Mobile was like a subscription service similar to Netflix. If I pay to use 4 devices and only use 1 I still have to pay. I told him that that was BS because I need to be able to use my phones and if someone had told me back in March when I still had means to do so what was really going on I would have switched my service. At this point I couldn’t afford to. We went back and forth for a little longer. I saw that he wasn’t really trying to help me, only trying to solicit a payment which he talked about constantly even though he was supposed to be working on the account. I know that you can’t get something for nothing, but that works both ways. Finally I asked about the credit. He offered $100. When I said to him that that wasn’t what he offered he said that he never gave a dollar amount. I asked him about the calls being recorded. He said that was only for training purposes. He refused to have the call listened to and basically said that the offer for the $100 was only on the table until he left for the day. Take it or leave it. I declined because I thought at the time that since I was telling the truth and they do record their calls I could prove it. I dialed 611. I spoke with a rep who connected me with the same supervisor who has previously told me to get service elsewhere. He repeated this. He then told me that he’d speak with his manager and get back to me the next day. He didn’t call me so I called back. I asked for John, which was his name. It’s also the manager’s name so they told me that he was in a meeting and would call me back. He did. I explained everything. He didn’t acknowledge the credit issue, but he did put ahold on the account until the end of August and told me that if I could make a few big payments he’d continue to help me. I agreed. Later on that night I got a Twitter notification. Devyn had gone into my account, removed the hold and put in the notes that no one was supposed to help me. He also put that he’d never offered a credit of any kind. There were two issues with that. Even though I had no way to get the call where he offered the $1,000 or more credit I did have the messages that we’d been sending each other on Twitter. He’d also put in the notes that he had offered $100 to me. There was no way that he could have offered $100 and then said that he never offered anything. Even though I couldn’t prove the $1,000 I can prove because of this that Devyn at the very least is a liar and lacks credibility. I called the next day very upset and got a supervisor named Tiffany. She credited my account. Not as much as Devyn promised, but a little over $200 if I’m remembering correctly. She promised to try to get to the bottom of it and call me back which she did. She said that the people on Twitter were executives and could override the call center. From what I understand that isn’t true. They are called the Executive Social Media Team just because they are the ones who respond when you @ T Mobile’s CEO on Twitter. They aren’t actually executives. But basically the people in the call center think that they are executives so they felt that even though they had made a promise to me they felt that Devyn could override that promise. I was left in a panic. I couldn’t pay over a thousand dollars in a few days. I got back on Twitter and complained about this. Someone else responded and offered help. At this point I’m desperate so I accept. I believe that I paid about $300 the first time. She basically wanted me to pay $600 every two weeks. I did that twice. I explained to her several times that I couldn’t do this and that Devyn had promised a credit. That again wasn’t acknowledged. She instead told me that if I paid $484.67 by 10 September 2019 which would bring the account down to under 30 days past due and under $2,000 she could do an extended payment arrangement which would break up what I owed into several payments and add each payment to my b ill each month. She said that that would make me not have a bill in October which would give me a chance to recoup. I agreed. I paid $485 on the 10th. And then was asked to pay $500 in two weeks…when I asked what happened to the extended payment arrangement I was told that she thought that she could do it but she can’t. That what she was doing was the same thing as an extended payment arrangement. It isn’tin an extended payment arrangement my account balance would have gone to $0 and I’d have had time to start over. I told her that I could give $300 in two weeks. I can’t really afford this. My service still doesn’t work. We still have to use wifi. I pay Comcast extra money every month for going over my data usage with these phones. I am going to have to start paying for unlimited which is $50 extra per month to Comcast

To use my T Mobile phones. They are used for my business so they areneeded. I can’t afford to switch carriers right now. Oh, and I literally just got an answer, the reps on Twitter are not over the call center people which means that Devyn was definitely NOT supposed to override what the manager had put in place. And Barb, the person that I’m “working” with now who is not helping me with my service at all but soliciting payments as well told me that the towers aren’t expected to be fixed until January. She also acknowledged everything that I was saying about my services not working was true. But I’m still expected to pay hundreds of dollars every two weeks.

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