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They repeatedly let someone use my PAYPAL account and Bank 5 states away to “top off then cash out ” by purchasing Google play cards , cell phones ‘ gourmet dining and paying utility bills .. About $400 -$500 purchases 3-4 times a week. Making it look as if I was going through that kind of money. 4 days straight I contacted PayPal explaining what was happening and its going to get me audited. Told me to go to bank to put stop payments to PayPal.. Now I’m -400 in bag fees and out a bank. They tried to make me go away by putting 770 in my PayPal account.. Which covered all but the -400 .. Now they want the money they bribed me with back

Its a huge mental breakdown and all due to a breech on their end

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CLEAR the 770 the gave then took back saying I owe them and also make my bank balance +45 like it was before all of this

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