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Our company changed service providers to Verizon.Our owner was hesitant at 1st after speaking with a rep because there were 8 lines and the change was a big commitment for more money if the service was not superior.The rep suggested trying a single line and then if happy to convert to a business multi line.The owner did and a week later he made the commitment to change.The line was converted to a business line after the 1st week and he added the other 7 lines at the same time.About a month or so later (after already paying the 1st bill), the co owner received a letter stating that he was delinquent in payment and that he was reported to the credit bureaus.He immediately called and they determined it was in error.When originally signing up for the acct with all the ported numbers the owner was told that the $5k in under a year old I Phones were not compatible with their network (which he later found out they were compatible with their LTE architecture).He then made the commitment to purchase another $4k-$5k worth of phones.He had his employees come in to pick new phones.Later that day he was at home and Verizon sent him a promo offer via email solicitation.The offer was for a buy one get one free I phone.He had bought 4 phones that day at full price.He researched the offer more and found that the offer was over a week old and still running when he bought his phones earlier that day.He went to the store he bought the phones at the next day to only have a rep tell him that they did not tell him of the offer because he never asked.He threatened to cancel his service and return to his previous carrier.The store manager then authorized a $400 credit on the acct.Seeing that the original savings would have been in excess of $2000 he saw this as poor business, but due to his schedule and time demands he reluctantly agreed just so he could move on.Within a month or so from then the owner wass then on the phone with customer care.He had been receiving emails and texts multiple times a day for weeks saying he was almost out of data.This was annoying and perplexing because he had a business unlimited plan.The emails and texts lasted to the tune of between 150-200 notifications before they finally were stopped by Verizon.During this same time an employee negligently broke their company phone.The employee offered to pay for a new one if the service was to be paid by the company still.The owner agreed and sent the employee to purchase a phone.The employee bought a $200 phone outright in the store.A few months later the employee was terminated.The owner asked for the employees phone since there was an $800+ balance still due.The employee maintained that they bought the phone outright.Verizon continued for 2 months that they would not disconnect the line because there was a balance.The employee then was able to show proof of purchase and full payment in the form of a verizon receipt.The receipt matched both the phone type and the $ value the employee stated they paid, $200.Verizon could not explain to the owner for over 2 billing cycles why he was paying for a $200 phone that was paid in full that they were charging $800+.Eventually it was determined that a store rep had opened a tablet line of service and had buried the charges and fees under the employees phone number that had paid for their phone outright.The owner spent 3 hrs 50 minutes on just one call to 611 to try to resolve this.The owner spent easily in excess of double digit hrs with 611 to try to resolve.He was disconnected multiple times.He was sent to the wrong depts multiple times.He ended up only getting it resolved after getting the local area business rep for Verizon involved and the threat of getting his lawyer involved.Other issues that the owner experienced was months of service without voice mail working.While on a cross country business trip the owner failed to get any service in any city over 3G.This was never explained as to why it just self corrected.The owner had issues with his new phone at one point and he was sent a refurbished phone replacement.This refurbished phone as well as 2 more phones all had issues and needed replacement.The owner at one point bought 2 new android devices on a buy one get one free deal.The phones were over a $1k each.When he canceled the service after these issues and others he was billed for the whole amount for both phones, even though he left because of repeated service and care issues.There are also a multitude of other service related issues the company experienced with Verizon.There were thousands of dollars in company resources spent trying to resolve issues that were caused by Verizon and its employees.In the end the owner bought out $4k worth of phones from the previous carrier to make the move (even though their old phones would have worked on LTE portion of network), only to have to buy approximately another $5k+ more of phones from Verizon he was told they needed.Then to be stuck with the Verizon phones when they were forced to leave for a more competent, reliable and ethical carrier.The company expended thousands in resources of employees to spend dozens of hours on hold and with customer care.They were charged for lines they could not close because of fraud committed by Verizon reps.They had service that did not meet what was told to them it would be.

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