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September 19, 2018 an independent contractor signed me up for internet services where I would get 100.00 gift card. I received an damaged box. Reported this incident. An agent requested I receive an discount for the first year of my plan. I agreed and enrolled auto payments. Until November2018. Verizon disable autopay on Nov 21, 2018. Sent my reward debit card late. In December 2018. I called and spoke to agent why my payments were different after being credited an discount. I was told my bill would be 64.99 and I saw multiple misleading fees such as 74.99 and 79.99. I asked to get an plan that fits my budget being unemployed. The agent didn’t resolve the situation. Stating I should stick with this plan because the plan internet speed was the best and if I were to downgrade. The overall price would be the same. Verizon decided to suspended my account. After doing so. I received advertisement mail from Verizon. Showing the same internet services at an lower price such as $49.99. That’s when I felt very appalled. I even tried to settle an agreement recently and when I called the auto responder during the call either hangs up the phone on me. Or I’m put on hold for an estimate of over 40 minutes. These misleading practices has impacted my credit and my financial status.

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