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Consumer Cellular provided me with false information as follows:

(1) for international cellphone service. On their Website, they have a list of countries where “service is available” and Colombia, the country I was traveling to, was in the list. Hence, I called on 6/16 to authorize the service. They did not advise me that they do not guarantee the service, as they claim. They denied giving me a recording of this conversation. On 6/25 I called Consumer Cellular from Colombia at 7:10 am & 1:28 pm, to inform them that I was missing phone calls and I could not make calls without WIFI. They made an update that did not help.

(2) When I returned from Colombia on 6/26, I was disappointed with the International Service, so I wanted to change my phone service, but discovered that there is a 6-month contract and my phone cannot be unlocked. This proves that they practice false advertisement. If fact, in their Website and on TV they advertise “No contract” is needed (I have screen-shut).

I opened the account with them on March 5, 2019 and THEY suspended my account on 8/2/2019. They are asking that I activate the account for one more month before and then they would unlock the phone. Did they violated the contract by suspending my account?

(3) Regarding unlocking the phone, I was told over the phone that this is “an Apple policy”. I contacted Apple and they confirmed that this is false.

As a result of the poor or no International Service, I decided to dispute the charges for this

service ($25.95). The next day (8/2/2019) after placing the dispute with my credit card company, they retaliated by disconnecting my service.

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