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I received calls and a letter from Credence Resource Management, saying that I owed $263.97 to AT&T Uverse and I thought this is a scam and tried to ignore, since I am a previous customer of AT&T Uverse and I don’t think I owe any money.

However, I decided to double check with ATT before I throw out the letter, and heard some weirdest news I’ve ever heard. The AT$T billing team (Jackie) said $263.97 is charged to my bill. What she said is $120 is for the first month service and $180 is an early termination fee for a contract.

And, I explained to Jackie that this charge is nonsense because I was told by salespeople that all the first-month service and cancellation is for free if I cancel it within a month, and there was no contract. And, Jackie insisted that there’s nothing she can do because this is already charged. And, she kept saying I should pay this money.

When I first heard of it, I laughed because I do not understand this situation. I do not understand why I pay $263.97 to a company who provide me nothing but 2 weeks free services.

When salespeople came to my apt and knocked on the door in July, they said they are offering this service without a contract and I can cancel it anytime within 1 month for free. They said they are offering this service because AT&T is just new to this area. What they said is if I don’t like the service, I can simply return the device and cancel it anytime within a month.

After two weeks of use, I returned all the devices and canceled the service within 2 weeks after starting the service, because I realized that I merely watch TV. When I canceled it, I also called the AT&T team and checked whether there’s anything I owed and asked how’s going to be the billing. They said I do not owe any money and I am free to leave. If there is any charge on my account, they said it’s going to be mailed.

And, now $263.97 is charged on the account and I am going to be a creditor if I do not pay soon? For the service that was told it’s free? Even if it is not free, how can I be charged $263.97 for less than 2 weeks of usages? And, they said there was no contract.

I was looking for a place where I can report this issue. And, I hope this helps to solve my issue.

I haven’t expected this thing to happen and unfortunately, I do not keep the salespeople’s number who visited my apt. But, I hope it’s alright and all my info is saved on my AT&T Uverse account.


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