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On my wireless bill ending date Aug 28, 2019, I was charged $450.80 + government taxes and fees in international long distance charges for calls to Germany. A representative applied AT&T World Connect Advantage for Germany calling for a reduction in international long distance rates, resulting in a “re-rate” of the charges, and a $550.80 credit to my wireless bill. However, it has taken me 8 calls, not including several dropped or abandoned after hold times >30 min., and 7 calls to even get them to admit to a case number having been finally opened (CM2019-****-********). The latter case had also been closed so today I am sitting on hold with them again while they try and figure out what to do about all of this. Today (Oct 11, 2019), they had to open a new case number and are stating another 7 days for resolution. So far, I have no expectation that AT&T will follow through and resolve this, since the previous 8 attempts and a dozen hours spent on the issue have not resulted in a resolution.

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