TracFone, Net10, or Total Wireless Complaint

Received a promotion through text (add a line and activate it, you get a free month of service for that new line and a free month of service for the existing line). I followed the steps to purchase a new SIM card for that new line, received it in the mail and proceeded to CALL Simple Mobile and speak with a representative to get clear concise directions on how to activate the new line because I didn’t want to mess up and do the wrong thing. The representative tells me I need to buy a plan and have it added to the new line in order to activate service. I buy the plan and he tells me it’s been added to the account and I need to wait 24-72 hours for the plan to be activated. I waited 3 days and

Airbnb Complaint

When we got to the house it was completely nasty everything how it was in the picture in the listing wasn’t the same the house was dirty and I contacted my host and she said she wasn’t going to give me my money back I didn’t even stay at the house I left within an hour and got an hotel room

Verizon Wireless Complaint

My husband and I upgraded our cell phones at a Verizon Wireless store. We believed we were getting a buy one, get one free deal. This deal required adding a new, third, line. After some time, one of the old lines could be canceled. My husband wanted to keep his cell number (ending in ****). I had verbal confirmation with the salesman that my cell number (ending in ****) is the one that would later be canceled. My new cell phone was supposed to have a new number (ending in ****). When I got home and was setting up the new phones, I realized they had switched this - I kept my old number on my new phone, and my husband did not. I spent over an hour on the phone with a Verizon representative to

Airbnb Complaint

My significant other was traveling to PA from NC/SC to work a job that was supposed to last 6 months. We had booked an air bnb long term for Aug 1 - Aug 30. However, he unexpectedly on the 20th of July got a layoff from that job due to reduction in workforce. We have the paperwork showing his layoff date, and reason. We cancelled the listing as the host agreed to refund as the dates got re-booked but -- right when I had someone else ready to book the listing for an entire month, he rented out just one weekend in August, making it impossible to do another monthly rental. It is now physically impossible for me to get the same dates rented out as he has rebooked a part of those dates already. A