AT&T Complaint

I am a part of the equifax data breach. There is an alias listed on my credit report as well as his bills, employee address and home address(several). I have also got many items disputed off my credit and also had to get credit monitoring and add a fraud alert on my credit report. This has caused me to spend money paying for things that I did NOT put on my credit or apply for. Please contact me as to what I need to do to further this.

Verizon Wireless Complaint

I have a family plan with over charges because of its a family plan. They charge me for 1x activation fees that I have paid up front. They charged me for a phone that was returned within the grace period. They made supposed changes if I went on auto pay and the bill increased over night. I have proof of the amounts that the bill will go down to and wasn’t reflecting correctly for the billing cycle.

Cox Complaint

At time of move, sold upgraded package from internet alone at $110/month to a bundle with internet+home automation+basic tv for $160/month. First bill taken before due date through auto pay was $1400! And they continue to bill monthly for over $300/month despite many calls and two promises to correct retroactively.

Comcast Complaint

A man was knocking on all the doors in my Complex which is a disabled and low income tenant complex. When he came to my door I asked for him to check in lowering my bill. After about one half hour he had me set up for something that was supposed to be lower then wha I was paying. Well every single thing out of his mouth was lies. From free set up to the price and a remote you talk into. All lies. One year later my bill wasn’t paid and showed up as not paid and that I owed almost 3X the normal amount. They have made my credit go from Excellent to Good. And nobody ever mentioned the low income “Internet Essential”. That is the ONLY thing I needed was internet. He had me lose my Verizon that

MetroPCS / Metro by T-Mobile Complaint

I purchased insurance in 2017 on a ZTE blade z max. So August 15 of 2019, I was told by an authorized dealer that the specific phone mentioned above, phone wouldn't be replaced, if lost, stolen or damaged. So I was paying insurance on two lines same phone. If those phones weren't covered why am I paying insurance for them. I should be compensated from the time those phones weren't under coverage. I called metro and I was told they would only compensate me $12 us.

AT&T Complaint

As an existing customer, AT&T pulled a hard check on my credit when I relocated within the same city. I was under contract with AT&T the entire time (2 year contract, 14 months in). AT&T violated the signed contract after establishing service at my new address by increasing the rates it charges me. I set up this move well before I actually relocated. It took AT&T a month to re-establish service. After spending hours upon hours, missing a day from work to meet someone from AT&T, still, the rate promised me for an additional year jas changed, going up yet again. Violation of privacy by illegally pulling my credit, breach of contract, time away from work, the ultimate frustration and time spent