Planet Fitness Complaint

I submitted a cancellation form with Planet Fitness at the Sterling, VA in August 2019 to Otis Polk.Upon submitting the form, I asked whether there was anything else I needed to do to terminate my membership.I was told no.Two months later, I saw two additional charges on my credit card from Planet Fitness for months in which I didn’t use the gym.I called the Sterling VA facility, and spoke with Manager Bobby L—-, who refused to apply the payment for non-use to my buy out balance, and also refused to apply the remaining balance to my credit card they have on file without requiring me to make yet another in person visit.

Bank of America Complaint

They been charging me fees of overdraft over 20000 some are correct but most of them are plenty wrong I showent my statements my receipts telling the showing them ac orddint to their paperwork and they say the it’s different in there back office systemso they wont returnthem

MetroPCS / Metro by T-Mobile Complaint

I have mobile hotspot services that’s not being honored by Metropcs by T-Mobile. My internet services has gone from excellent full strength down load speed to zero down load speed every evening from the periods of 5pm – 2am. This problem has been going on for as long as 7 mths 24/7 and continues til this day.

Sprint Complaint

I was quoted ~$165-170/month total for five lines. My bill was $220 for the first year. My bill then increased to $280/month and my military discount was dropped. I called and was told they’d fix it. It has been almost five months, and it’s still $280.

Paypal Complaint

Money was recently held in my account that forced me to postpone an event that was supposed to been held sooner and as a result forced me to lose sponsors and vendors for the event. I sent an email asking why the funds were being held and what the funds being held was for. Paypal emailed me back stating to call them to have the funds released in other words. But this failed to be true. I was told on the phone that the only way that the funds would be released is if the buyer confirmed that they received the item that was bought. The item is basically a ticket. When doing research on the fund holding, the only reason that they would hold funds was if it was a non-performer account. My account

Lyft Complaint

Wrongful termination and malicious business practices. I was fired in retaliation for requesting proof of benefits I was promised. At first I was hired and labeled as contracted employee through a third party service called Blue Crew, which they had contracted me to be hired for on two consecutive terms. When another staffing agency began providing employees, Blue Crew had “lost the contract” and Lyft forced us to switch over to KNA Solutions to keep our jobs. Upon switching we were promised our benefits would remain the same and a pay increase. 25 days into the new KNA Solutions staffing agency that now had us listed as employees I had inquired about where we could read up on our benefits.

Boost Mobile Complaint

It started 0n September 5, 2019, when I received a text notice that the card I have/had on file would be charged $78 dollars on my scheduled payment. I called to find out why, since I was only paying $45 monthly. That’s when they told me about my monthly bill of $45, plus $33 for the installment plan for a ne Iphone. Within a short period of time I had no service to the phone I’ve had for over a year, a Moto g6 play. I called customer service and they apologized, re-established the service and the investigation begin to find out who did what, how, when and where. I had to remove my credit card from my auto re-boost account so that it wouldn’t be used to pay for a phone that they had given to

Frontier Airlines Complaint

The company had a “flying green“ promotion where if your last name was Green, you got to fly free. In the small writing explain that it would come in the form of a reimbursement. I received my reimbursement from the company and they only reimburse me for my departure flight and not for my return. After calling them, first they tried to say that I didn’t follow the dates provided in the small print which I quickly disapproved. Then they try to say it was because I didn’t fly on the same receipt. Obviously they only refunded me the smaller amount of money which was the departure flight. I went through my browsing history and found that I received my reimbursement from the company and they only