AT&T Wireless Complaint

AT&T has placed a bogus charge on my bill which I am planning on disputing and I am fully expecting it to go to arbitration. In the meantime however they are threatening to suspend my service which I cannot afford to have happen. Is there any way to put a stop on this suspension until the dispute has been settled? If they will not stop suspension, can I cancel my service and take my phones to another carrier?

Comcast Complaint

I was told that I didn’t qualify for service after they took the deposit and when they told me that I told them ok just cancel order and refund my money. Two days later they sent the equipment I contacted them and asked does this mean I got the service they said no I didn’t I need to send equipment back and they are charging me the shipping charges for them sending and returning back. I explained that they said I didn’t qualify and I canceled so it’s not my fault they sent me equipment that they supposed to had not qualified me for

MetroPCS / Metro by T-Mobile Complaint

over charged for cellphone. on the 1st of july went to diamond wireless and ask if they could use my old Verizon and keep the same number.he told me had to leave it there activation on the computer was down, pick it up on the 2nd of July, and it would cost me 107.00 and I paid him in cash on the 1st. I went back on the 2nd end,ed up buying a phone. I paid them 233.97 in cash, and another 219.00 with my debit card. it cost me a total 560.29 corporate told me when I call not worry they would send me a check and I did not have to pay for the month of august. call yesterday,they told me get the money from the store where I got my new phone

Uber Complaint

I had a garnishment as of April 2018, Uber was withholding my earnings since April 2018 to current (July 2019) but was not paying the money withheld to the attorneys representing the company I owed. Uber does not have a contact information besides an email, by email it takes forever to get a response and when they do respond they just send me to the attorneys but the attorneys can not help because they are not the ones withholding my earnings. The attorneys only receive and post what funds were sent to them towards my balance.

American Complaint

I booked an American Airline Ticket for my daughter from Abu Dhabi to RDU. When I booked the ticket it was clear that her bags would be subject to American Airlines Bag Policy - $0 for the first bag and $150 for the second under 50lbs. The original flight plan had her on a British Airways flight from Abu Dhabi to London and then to RDU. At the last minute the British Airways Flight was canceled and American routed her onto an Etihad Flight to Frankfurt then an American Flight to Charlotte and then to RDU. When she checked in to Etihad they charged her $384 for bag fees -- $234 more than the American Policy. The also cancelled her Charlotte RDU Flight and a relative had to drive from Raleigh

PAYPAL Complaint

Canceled my account for reasons I dont understand, and will not let me have access to the thousands of dollars I have in my account from selling on ebay. I cannot sell on ebay without PayPal, so they have put me out of bussiness. And I will not have access to my funds for 180 days, PayPal says that is there policy.

Bank of America Complaint

I agreed to upgrade my leased cash register equipment so long as the terms of the new lease were the same as my old lease. One of those terms was my right to cancel the lease at any time with no penalty. The Bank of America Merchant services Rep agreed to the terms but did not put that term in the lease. Now that I have returned the equipment Bank of America is still withdrawing money from my account without my authorization.