Bank of America Complaint

They been charging me fees of overdraft over 20000 some are correct but most of them are plenty wrong I showent my statements my receipts telling the showing them ac orddint to their paperwork and they say the it’s different in there back office systemso they wont returnthem

Bank of America Complaint

13 years with bank of America.. my disability was going to be changing I had my account 200 overdrafted..I asked if they would put my account on hold and told them it would be 4 months or so untill I’d be using and able to pay off my negative balance. CSR in recovery dept promised they wouldn’t close my account..they did.. Sept 2018 went to boa paid my debt off..I had a 20k check bank.manager said he’s having a hard time trying to get a new acct opened and to come back 2morrow..I did that every other day for 2 weeks..then you be told they couldn’t..dome reason I was blacklisted the other banks called it and I’d have to wait 30 days to open a new acct bank..

Fifth Third Complaint

My issue with 5th 3rd bank is that number wine I can’t get anything in a letter in black-and-white. I’ve been speaking to several different agents since June 2019, Each associate tells me I different suggestion on what I need to do is far as getting my account in positive.I gotThe vehicle in April 2018 in June or July 2018 I started making half payments for my karno I had been doing that for almost a year when I found out that you have to let 5th 3rd bank know ahead of time that your payments that you’re making are half payments for the month so they were supposed to go through claims and go through all of my payments in put them for each month they said they did that when I called to get a

KeyBank Complaint

First, I was never told by the banker who set up my account that I would be charged just for checking my balance at another atm at the end of month and billed me $95 charge for checking my balance several times..they told me it is in there discloser but I feel as if it was hidden from me because I should of been warned verbally and I would of never used atm if I knew. Then I deposit $450 wait all week and got told it would be ready at midnight to find out they put extended hold on it and people who depended on my word that i would pay them next day got very angry when funds was not available and put me in a position that could of got me I have more funds being transferred to my ban

SunTrust Complaint

Closing my account and refusing to give me my fund that was depositors and cleared, stating I need to have the party that gave me the check to resend it and send other form of payment

Regions Complaint

I closed an account in branch and then went home to go through my checklist of things to make sure all my accounts were moved and there was no bill pay, the accounts were removed from my view so i thought everything was ok until a few months later my landlord received a check from them for my rent and tried to deposit it. He is was charged a $45 fee and when I brought this to the branch, they said the cost was mine to handle and there was nothing they could do.

SunTrust Complaint

This is a complaint against SunTrust bank and it’s unscrupulous,inhuman and unethical business practices. SunTrust bank is closing my checking and savings account without giving me any notice or reason why they are closing my account and they are not letting me access my account whatsoever and they also blocked my debit card for me not to spend my own I repeat my own money. There were several transactions on my account that that needed validate on just to make us I was the one making those purchase which I validated and they are still bent on shutting down my account. Right now I am out of state with no money and food to eat for several days now and cannot do anything nor move anywhere as a