DirecTV Complaint

DirecTv says I signeda contract. I did not knowingly sign one. I have talked with them, and talked with them. They told me today it is in with the equipment signing. No one ever informed me of this or I would have had them take it away. I was never told about a contract. I would not sign a contract. Now I have an early termination fee. Can you help me. Please

Comcast Complaint

Recently (a few months ago) I renegotiated my Comcast contract. I have an internet, cable and home phone (triple play) service for $200/month. I have been a customer of Comcast for nearly twenty years.

Comcast* Complaint

Comcast mislead me by telling me I was not tied to a contract and when I cancelled service they charged me for breaking a contract. I called them several times to ask for the recording transcript but they never called me back or provided proof other that an electronic agreement.

AT&T Complaint

My Mother passed away in March of 2018 and I cancelled her landline and Internet and U-Verse and had the equipment returned. I had been paying her bills by auto-pay from my account. After her passing and cancellation, AT&T continued to draw her monthly cable and Internet charges up until I finally made aware of it by my Bank. The house was actually sold in February of 2019 and the monthly payment continued to be drawn from my bank account. I called AT&T and was informed that they had no record indicating cable and Internet were cancelled but acknowledged that the landline was cancelled. I had waited for a representative for at least 45 minutes and before this initial complaint and was transf

Google Complaint

Google wrongly canceled my Youtube account claiming I violated copyright laws. This video I posted was for educational purposes which does not violate copyright laws. Google cancelle my youtube account which also deleted or blocks me from all my personal youtube videos. Property that belongs to me. I have filed the appeal using the internal platform 2 yrs ago, google has never responded. I have made numerous efforts and google still has not responded directly to my claim,.

AT&T Complaint

I called to cancel my AT&T Direct TV and Internet account on 04-27-2019.This would take effect on the last billing cycle for May.I paid my final bill and early termination fee.I received confirmation on 05-12-2019 that my equipment was received.I even overpaid and was issued a refund for overpayment.

AT&T Complaint

Requested the offer of $75.00 bundle of Direct TV and internet. Instead the rep set up a separate account for Internet. Have spent ten months trying to get this resolved. No amount of phone calls have resolved this issue until nine months later. Now they want to charge me full price for both services. I never received the three month premium package or proper billing and they now are going to cancel my service. They sent a refund on paper but since that account is now closed I have not been compensated for my overpayments.

AT&T Complaint

I received calls and a letter from Credence Resource Management, saying that I owed $263.97 to AT&T Uverse and I thought this is a scam and tried to ignore, since I am a previous customer of AT&T Uverse and I don’t think I owe any money.