Experian Complaint

I have cancelled experience since right before the free trial ended and they have still charged me 19.99 a lonth… everytime untried calling or cancelling services they keep charging me.I have tried so many Bill’s to my card so I’m trying to nowndigire out which Bill’s are tied to it before canceling card now….because now I have to resort to this.I cant even get a hold of a live rep to settle this dispute.So far they have charged me 4 months if this

Equifax Complaint

Negligent in allowing my data to be breached under CA code section CIV 1714. The company does significant business in state of California and is subject to juristiction. The breach has resulted in permanent release of data, including date of birth, drivers licence, ssn, address and at risk for identity theft at any given time. I seeking the maximum allowed under CA small Claims court. Company greed exec sold stock before the hack was disclosed. 3 equifax exectives sold shares of credit reporting company worth nearly3 millionshorthly after a massive data breach was discovered.